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Manfred Cochefert
PhD Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architecture offers powerful services to help organizations grow their business. In this website, you will find many articles, real cases, based on many years of experience. I explain how Architecture can help organizations to lead the market.

Enterprise Architecture

Discover the power of Enterprise Architecture, with the most efficient implementation, that can adapt to any context and organization.
I present you this journey in three steps, three chapters, that complement each other.

EA in a Box

Be ready What a great opportunity ! You are so glad that you have been selected as Lead Enterprise Architect for one of the most challenging mission for a young manager : deploying a full Enterprise Architecture capability from scratch within a so great and talented organization. To fulfill your mission, no need to tellContinue reading “EA in a Box”

EA for IT

Be ready EA for IT is a powerful IT Transformation to strengthen the power of EA in a Box, and the second chapter to build a full Enterprise Architecture capability from scratch. We have seen that EA in a Box is a powerful way for Enterprise Architects to deliver services and value to the wholeContinue reading “EA for IT”

Recent Articles

Architecture as a Gift

Architecture as a Gift Architecture as a Service Architecture as a Service is the most modern and efficient way to implement Enterprise Architecture within an organization. This concept unlocks the full power of this great discipline. It maximizes the value delivered by Architects for the business. Architecture as a Service is so great that itContinue reading “Architecture as a Gift”

Don’t Bet on Architecture

Don’t Bet on Architecture A business leader is willing to sell new IT managed services to her/his clients. She/He has not involved IT department, and the firm has no role for Enterprise Architect or Architecture team. The business leader really wants to go fast. The business case is settled, approved by the executive committee, asContinue reading “Don’t Bet on Architecture”

The Art of Architecture

The Art of Architecture Architecture is defined in many places, e.g. in Wikipedia, or TOGAF, which stands as a standard framework for Enterprise Architecture. Like TOGAF, let’s take ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010:2011 definition :The fundamental concepts or properties of a system in its environment embodied in its elements, relationships, and in the principles of its design andContinue reading “The Art of Architecture”

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