Architecture as a Gift

Architecture as a Gift

Happy Birthday, everyday, to your organization !

Architecture as a Service

Architecture as a Service is the most modern and efficient way to implement Enterprise Architecture within an organization. This concept unlocks the full power of this great discipline. It maximizes the value delivered by Architects for the business.

Architecture as a Service is so great that it can be adopted by organizations of any size, and of any business area. As disparate as companies are, by their longevity, their business, their culture, their purpose, or their way of working : Architecture as a Service is always the best implementation.

« I had this great opportunity to implement from scratch Enterprise Architecture within Deloitte Luxembourg, and to build and lead the Architecture team. The concept of Architecture as a Service that I brought is so great and powerful, that it inspired many other functions in their will to be more efficient. One could start his journey of this powerful implementation with EA in a Box. »

Architecture as a Service is a way to structure and standardize the work and activities of the Architecture Team. It consists of defining a Service Catalog for the Architecture Team, adopted and adapted for the firm. The goal is to maximize business satisfaction and value delivered, while still considering the context expressed by IT department. The key is to tailor the maximum the service catalog, and to continuously improve it, in order to always fit the needs of the company in its business journey over time.

« In my implementation at Deloitte Luxembourg, I have adapted the Architecture service catalog several times. Parameters are culture change, business context, growing maturity of the firm, as well as profiles within the Architecture Team that is not static over time. Monitoring and tailoring the service catalog over time is an Art, in order to always maximize value delivered by Enterprise Architecture for the business. »

Defining a Service Catalog is one of the most powerful way to unlock potential of a function. Applied to Enterprise Architecture, architects are able to intervene in any context, and in any situation. No matter whether they are asked for advice within a strong, mature and industrialized process, or within a waterfall, full agile or innovative context. This way architects can also be of help at the early beginning or last stage of an initiative. They are basically heroes, that can adapt also whenever there is a change in way of workings. Services offered in the catalog come with standards and guarantees, like quality, means, output and time for delivery. No need to tell that thanks to this concept, an Architecture Team leader is able to manage his team easily, should it be in skills, capacity or quality.

Examples of Service Catalog could include services like AS-IS analysis, landscape overview, solution design, business case definition, process design, governance design, framework definition, and many others.

« Art emerges when an Enterprise Architect leader shows his ability to tailor and fine-tune this catalog based on the context. I have seen implementation very close to TOGAF ADM. An important thing is to not be religious, but value, customer and business-centric, while still satisfying main stakeholders. »

Architecture as a Gift

« Architecture as a Service is a very powerful solution to implement Enterprise Architecture. But let’s complement with magical ingredients, to achieve an even more powerful solution : Architecture as a Gift ! Let’s call these ingredients : Passion, Art of Organization, Seniority, and many others. »

An Enterprise Architect can achieve more than defining and tailoring an Architecture Service Catalog. Architecture as a Gift is his ability to always make an impact that matters.

The gift is the ability, for each initiative and context :

  • to understand, qualify and anticipate business needs
  • to propose an approach to progress further, even through complex processes and procedures
  • to propose a tailored package of Architecture Services, a strong Service Offering to accompany the business end-to-end
  • to improve way of workings when needed
  • to champion innovation
  • to help others grow and accompany maturity growing

On top, by taking advantage of his knowledge over the firm, the people, his view over all initiatives in the firm, an Enterprise Architect can create synergies that will boost the entire organization, beyond expectations.

« Architecture as a Gift is the perfect Enterprise Architecture implementation, to maximize the value both for business and IT. A full Enterprise Architecture journey. The Passion of Art !

Architecture as a Gift is a magical side-effect of a powerful implementation of Enterprise Architecture. It lies in best-tailored implementation of EA Service Catalog, industrialized with EA for IT, and complemented with EA for Biz ! »

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