Architecture for Innovation

Architecture for Innovation

Boost your Innovation within your Organization !

Architecture as a Service

EA as a Service is the most powerful implementation of Enterprise Architecture for any organization. EA in a Box is the best way for an Enterprise Architect to start this journey. Identify your business context, assess where to deliver the maximum value, adapt, and start implementing the first EA services. EA for IT is the second step toward your journey to boost your organization : a milestone for a systematic approach to deliver value over all your IT-related projects, and a complete IT-Business partnering.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of Strategic Services, that should be part of your EA Service Catalog. These services will maximize the power of Enterprise Architecture for the benefits of your whole Organization.

Technology Trends

Latest technologies are key business enablers for the future of your company. Enterprise Architects must be aware of them and should champion their anticipation within the organization. Because EA bridges the gap between IT and Business, an Enterprise Architect is able to identify latest technology trends and to submit them to business leaders.

« Introduction of new technology will have impact everywhere. We can see for instance how Cloud Adoption is a disruptive shift over IT legacy. Not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of operating models with impacts everywhere : it’s a revolution ! »

Introduction of new technology implies new capabilities, new skills, adapted processes, and adapted ways of working. The sooner detected, the better and the smoothest introduced and managed. Thanks to Strategic Services of EA Service Catalog, an organization can take the maximum benefits of Enterprise Architecture to anticipate the future. It will help business leaders to identify business cases, and ways to leverage the most over these new technologies.

« Enterprise Architecture will be of help for smooth transformations over the whole organization while introducing new technologies.

There are many ways to stay aware of technology trends. For instance, I invite you to read Deloitte technology trends for 2021, and keep an eye over Quantum technology. »

Business Trends

If an organization wants to leverage the most over innovation, then Enterprise Architects should anticipate latest trends in all business areas covered by the organization. Because Enterprise Architecture is an Art, then Enterprise Architects will be able to bridge the gap between business innovation and IT implementation. Enterprise Architects will champion investments and adoption of adequate IT capabilities and technologies, to sustain the latest business trends.

« Business Trends will give you an idea of the set of IT capability that needs to be enabled. One can find for instance how digitalization is transforming every departments. I invite you to read trends for Finance, and Future of Work. »

Strategic Services

With latest trends in mind, both technology and business, and thanks to his great collaboration skills, an Enterprise Architect is a perfect interlocutor to help defining and implementing an Enterprise Strategy. Strategic Services cover the definition of the strategy, from the principles up to the projects identification, implementation and follow-up. Strategic Services are activated to ensure continuity and continuous review over the firm’s strategy.

Research & Development

A strong Enterprise Architecture implementation can be a boost to bridge the gap between innovation and industrialization. By participating to innovating topics, an Enterprise Architect is able to provide standards and guidelines for an innovation team, which will enable a fast and robust implementation, from mocks to Minimum Viable Products. Not to say that an EA has also the possibility to submit innovative ideas himself. In the middle of Art and Creativity !

« Deloitte Luxembourg has a Lab that proposes a systematic approach for innovation. I am glad to be part of this great journey, when ideas come to industrialization for the benefits of the entire firm.

On top, be opened to discover disruptive solutions before anyone else !»


I would like to close this article with the overview of the whole EA Service Catalog. We have seen that Enterprise Architecture will be of help to detect the innovation trends, and champion for a strong Enterprise Strategy. On top, EA as a Service is a whole journey that enables the dreamed strategy to come true :

  • Trends detection
  • Strategy Definition
  • Portfolio prioritization
  • Projects impacts
  • Solution Design
  • Solution Implementation
  • Solution Review
  • Continuous Improvement

« Enterprise Architecture offers a wide-broad panel of powerful services to boost innovation. The key for Enterprise Architects is their ability to sell their Service Catalog, adopt and adapt to suit the best to the organization needs and objectives. Pragmatic, and business oriented. »

Published by Manfred Cochefert

PhD Enterprise Architect

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  1. Very well structured article. I better understand the importance of Enterprise Architects and the value that the provide. I think this should be included into core behaviors of every company to develop internally the culture of alligning of their functions with EA’s, especially today, where technology drives us into a high gear.

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