The Best of Architecture

The Best of Architecture

How to achieve the Best Architecture Experience !

Many implementations of Enterprise Architecture have failed or are failing to deliver value to the business. Architecture frameworks are seen unfairly inefficient, and Enterprise Architects see their jobs as disappearing in the next years. While there are many links on mistakes to avoid while implementing an EA capability.

Enterprise Architecture is a very great discipline. But when not done efficiently, with a wrong approach, then the chances that the function is not used or useful are very high. In this article, we will see that EA as a Service is a never-fail strategy to deliver the very best experience of Enterprise Architecture within a company.


A never-fail strategy to implement an Enterprise Architecture capability is to start your journey with the correct approach. The correct approach is a customer-, business- and value-centric approach.

This means you need to understand your company, the needs, and the expectations. No company would like inefficient processes, or way or working, in particular in the era of agility and innovation.

This means you need to always monitor the efficiency, the value delivered, the alignment with the evolving needs of your company, and continuously improve your implementation of Enterprise Architecture.

« The most powerful implementation of Enterprise Architecture is achieved when you consider your function as a Business Service delivered to your company, your customer. Enterprise Architecture as a great internal consulting function ! »

This approach will have many implications. It will require Enterprise Architects to adapt and adopt the correct set of skills : collaboration, communication, presentation.

« While implementing a transformation, put quick wins first, and deliver value the soonest. Always monitor alignment of your roadmap with stakeholders requirements. Adapt your plan with the ability to change of your company. EA is a long-term journey, efficiency is the key ! »

Architecture Experience

A never-fail strategy is to understand that you need to deliver the very best experience of Enterprise Architecture for your company.

« What is Architecture ? What are the roles ? Is this person an architect ? The answer is : your company absolutely doesn’t care ! What your company absolutely wants, is that you deliver the very best of yourself, of your Architecture team, and the maximum quality of your services ! »

Do your company needs help to define its strategy ? Do your company needs to have a full landscape overview ? How could you be of help for your company to lead the market ? These are very important questions to be answered.

In most cases, business leaders have the will to make their great ideas become reality. They just want to win the market, which is absolutely pretty cool isn’t it ? In this context, the question is : how will you help them ? Do they need hand for a business case, do they need hand to define the IT solution to equip the new business service ?

In most cases, business leaders just want their projects to be delivered with the fastest time-to-market, and a robust and secured solution with minimum cost. Let’s see the role of Architects as an experience to guide business to deliver IT solutions, and ensuring that these solutions are nicely integrated within the whole Information System, and aligned with the security and standard requirements.

« It is clear at this stage that business leaders don’t really want to hear about business architecture, data, application, technology.. They want to trust that you will be of help for their business, thanks to your great experience, and great structured, customer-, business-, and value-centric approach ! Your only objective is to satisfy your client ! »


EA as a Service is the most powerful implementation of Enterprise Architecture for any organization. One could start this journey with EA in a Box, which is how to start an EA mission, and define an EA Service Catalog.

How the Architecture Team should be organized, interact, and with which profiles, is the direct consequence of the correct understanding of the company, and the anticipated needs for EA Services. Note that it is also of the responsibility of the Architects to help the firm gain in maturity, and to proactively propose continuous improvements for the mission and in general.

« With EA in a Box, EA for IT, and EA for Biz, you don’t choose a rigid and old-fashion framework for your Enterprise Architecture experience ! Instead, you choose your company first ! You choose to deliver the very best of your Art ! »

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