Architecture as a Success

as a Success

How to make Architecture a Great Success !

In this website, you will see Architecture as a Service, as the most powerful implementation of Enterprise Architecture. The power goes beyond imagination. One can start this implementation with EA in a Box, EA for IT, and EA for Biz. In this article, we will see how to never fail, and always succeed to implement this great function within your company.

Architecture Mindset

To unlock the maximum power of Enterprise Architecture, you need to adopt the correct mindset. All your skills and attitude should be turned to your unique objective : to offer to your company the greatest customer services and experience.

The only way to achieve it, is to master the happiness mindset, the servant leadership, and the collaboration skills. You might read Critical Success Factors in TOGAF for the Enterprise Architecture mission. Keep in mind, there is a unique critical success factor : yourself and yourself only.

Do your mission with passion. Your purpose is to serve, and do your job with excellence. Don’t be the architect that blocks the situations. Instead, be the architect that unlocks every collaboration, wherever he can, even if it is not directly in his scope !

« Mindset is everything ! This is the difference, to make the real difference ! Architecture becomes an Art thanks to great mindset ! Smile, be happy, question yourself, deliver the very best of yourself ! »

Architecture Experience

Propose to your firm the greatest Architecture Experience ! You need to identify the required needs of Architecture within your company : tailor and adapt.

A passionate architect loves doing architecture. But what a great architect loves more, is being of help for the business. Pragmatic, customer-oriented, value-oriented. No need for 20 pages specifications, if a unique page can describe everything. Be pragmatic, be reasonable. The minimum required, for everyone to share the same understanding, and satisfy the constraints.

Remember, your function is a great Internal Consulting Function. You want your clients to be happy. Their satisfaction first ! If you don’t succeed, it is your responsibility only. Lack of collaboration, lack of authority. This is just because you are not good enough. The only way to achieve it, is for you to become better.

No one wants to hear about architecture domains, or any TOGAF-related wordings that only EA are aware of ! What a business leader really wants, is to see that you know your job, you have the greatest understanding, you are the greatest listener, you will be of help, you will find the solutions, and you will secure with no doubt the project delivery !

« Deliver the best internal client experience within your company. Do not wait to monitor, to get feedback, and to improve ! Improve everyday ! Become better everyday ! »

Architecture Authority

Many architects complain about lack of support from management, difficulty of being seen as an authority. Do people never involve you during ideation ? Is the strategy defined without involving the Architecture Team ? Do people trust you ?

Authority, trust, management support… are not something that you should ask. You only have the power that people are willing to give you. You need to deserve, you need to prove you are a person of trust, and an authority in your domain. Long-term trust !

« What are the top required architecture skills ? Collaboration ! Collaboration ! Collaboration ! Collaboration ! Did I say collaboration ? Now how to unlock collaboration ? »

Be happy ! Be passionate ! Do everything with true happiness, and passion ! You will see collaboration everywhere ! And if not seeing yet, be patient ! Capitalize on success stories, improve wherever there is a need. Take lessons, adjust, adapt !

When everything do not go well, empty out the negative ! Be happy facing strong challenges ! Building and managing an Enterprise Architecture Capability is a strong challenge everyday ! But you love challenges. It is always an opportunity to grow, to become better, to learn from others, to recognize that despite all your skills and talents, collaboration will help you fin a way, by leveraging the most on others, who are deeply talented as well.

« There are far more than that right ? Let’s end this article with a final great advice : Network ! It is more important that you meet and know people, than you spend time behind your computer screen ! »

One very important question you should ask yourself, everyday, is : who are you ? If you are an Enterprise Architect, with so many talents and skills, then the world needs to know you ! Your company deserves the return on investment they are expecting from you ! So network, learn the business, make friends, great friends, be opened to help wherever you can !

Your skills are far beyond Enterprise Architecture, aren’t they ? Why not helping others improving themselves ? Succeeding in their own mission ?

« EA in a Box, EA for IT, and EA for Biz, is the greatest combination to deploy the very Best Enterprise Architecture experience ! With this framework, and the consulting, passion and happiness mindset, you will achieve Architecture as an Art ! »

Published by Manfred Cochefert

PhD Enterprise Architect

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  1. Fantastic article.. Especially in light of World Mental Health Day! Knowing, how Deloitte is attaching great importance to this subject, your statement: “Smile, be happy, question yourself, deliver the very best of yourself” serves the purpose. Also, mastering the happiness mind-set.. the servant leadership.. long term trust.. collaboration.. importance of network.. capitalization on success stories.. Wow! Your ability to convey the importance of EA across teams and departments is a strength not everyone has. Keep up the good work!

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