Architecture Community

Architecture Community

The need to connect the dots !

Have you ever heard about the power of connecting people together ? People that share the same art, and passion for their great mission. With an Architecture Community, you will offer to your company a boost for the long-term success of the Enterprise Architecture capability !

Connecting People

Having the will of connecting people to learn from each other, to grow together, and better understand the nature of our mission, falls with the great Enterprise Architect mindset. Who would ever want to work alone, and claim himself to be the unique and top world-class Enterprise Architect ever ? Mentioning it like that already discredits you, as you can only be acknowledged this way by your peers.

It is no secret that the role of Enterprise Architect, and all architecture-related roles, that could be part of a great Architecture Team – for a full Architecture Experience, and a gift for your company -, requires strong skills and a huge amount of experience. This is particularly true when dealing nowadays with such amount of new technologies, concepts, and innovation. Staying up to date with the correct skills is a highly strong challenge for an architect.

Do you have the correct expertise ? Do you know all architecture patterns ? Don’t you believe that someone already achieved what you are trying to achieve ? Don’t you think you can learn, avoid certain mistakes, for your company to not lose time and money ? Do you want an accelerator for your mission ? Isn’t it true that the top main skill for an Architect is collaboration ?

« Connecting people is a key in our mission ! It holds for networking with anyone within your company, for the success of the EA mission. It holds of course for yourself, and importantly, connecting with other EA is of high importance for your mission ! »

The Power of a Community

The power of an Architecture Community, is that it enables to share the vision of our great discipline. It enables to face our challenges, to combine our ideas, anticipate the evolution of our great jobs. It enables to stay tuned with latest trends. Sharing knowledge is a key success factor for such a challenging mission. It avoids relying on old frameworks that are not up to date anymore. It enables to accompany new architects to succeed their mission. It enables as well sharing insights from experienced architects, advice that is of help for everybody.

An Architecture Community enables architects to avoid many mistakes. It helps people turning into a positive mindset. Even though some confronted many challenges or disappointments, there is still room to believe, for a collective renewal of our great discipline.

Every Enterprise Architect understands the big challenge of building an Enterprise Architecture Capability from scratch, or leveraging and enhancing existing practices. What about change management ? We have seen how complex it is to transmit and explain what is architecture. The challenges confronted when dealing with skills management. The challenges when defining the roles, or defining the architecture practices and operating model. All of that can be answered and boost by an Architecture Community.

What is the value of exchanging experiences ? Discover how someone overcame some challenges, or to discover how Enterprise Architecture has been applied to a completely different business context ? What is the value of that ? Priceless.

« I am so glad that at Deloitte, we gather a community of strong experts from all Deloitte member firms. The value of exchanging knowledge is priceless, and enables speeding time for many challenges. A community enables alignment in practices as well ! A real gift for our great discipline ! »

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PhD Enterprise Architect

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