Migrating enterprise architecture from discipline to practice

Part I: Scepticism about the enterprise architecture contribution Everyone who is involved in vision, strategy, and architecture activities has noticed through many posts, articles, and forums the following sceptic assessment regarding the role of EA: Enterprise architecture is not yet capable to deliver what it promised as benefits, nor to deliver a tangible and realContinue reading “Migrating enterprise architecture from discipline to practice”

The Best of Architecture

Many implementations of Enterprise Architecture have failed or are failing to deliver value to the business. Architecture frameworks are seen unfairly inefficient, and Enterprise Architects see their jobs as disappearing in the next years. While there are many links on mistakes to avoid while implementing an EA capability. Enterprise Architecture is a very great discipline.Continue reading “The Best of Architecture”

Architecture as a Gift

Architecture as a Gift Architecture as a Service Architecture as a Service is the most modern and efficient way to implement Enterprise Architecture within an organization. This concept unlocks the full power of this great discipline. It maximizes the value delivered by Architects for the business. Architecture as a Service is so great that itContinue reading “Architecture as a Gift”

The Art of Architecture

The Art of Architecture Architecture is defined in many places, e.g. in Wikipedia, or TOGAF, which stands as a standard framework for Enterprise Architecture. Like TOGAF, let’s take ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010:2011 definition :The fundamental concepts or properties of a system in its environment embodied in its elements, relationships, and in the principles of its design andContinue reading “The Art of Architecture”

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