EA for IT – Processes for EA

Processes for EA

Efficient IT processes for Enterprise Architecture

In this page, we assume that you have decided to include Operational Services in your EA Service Catalog, and that you implement EA Integration within the IT Department.

We discuss main IT processes, that are of great importance to focus on and to gain in maturity. These processes will trigger systematic activation of EA services, and enable the Architecture Team to take control over the whole Information System. We refer to ITIL for an introduction of these processes.

Demand Management

Starting to assess maturity and to improve this process is a good choice. When implemented, this process becomes the entry point of every solicitation of IT Department by the organization. This process enables qualification by Architects of complexity and strategic impacts over demands. A good qualification ensures a good approach, accurate means, priority, and activation of correct EA Services, to pursue with the demand.

Change Management

Change Management is the process to trace and accompany each variation of the Information System. Enterprise Architecture can strengthen decisions to push in production within the Change Advisory Board, using systematically Deviation Control of EA Service Catalog. Output of this service enables to measure deviations of architectures from the design up to the release, and to unlock accountability over strong decisions of deviations during implementation.

Configuration Management

A good maturity of this process is of great importance, in particular when adopting Tools for EA. A great function needs great equipment, then IT Configuration Management is the perfect process to benefit accurate and up-to-date inventories over Business and Information System landscapes. A Configuration Management System of quality is a must and of great help for all IT functions, and in particular, Enterprise Architecture.

Manfred Cochefert
PhD Enterprise Architect

« I intentionally didn’t mention Project Management process, as we will discuss this in EA for Biz. In the last page of this series, you will find set of required and pragmatic tools to operate large-scaled Enterprise Architecture Services. »