EA in a Box – Architecture Team

Architecture Team

Lead, Manage, Develop your Team

Is leading and managing an Architecture Team different from another team in general ? If you implement EA in a Box, then there is no fundamental difference. There are many learning on how to be an efficient leader. Let’s recall some important things to complete EA in a Box, so that your Enterprise Architecture journey is a full success. It’s all about common sense.


Your colleagues and your team members are your most added value. It is of high importance that you keep them in the good context for them to express their talent. You need to remain available, embrace all human qualities and values, and lead by example. Lead by objectives. Embrace the culture of change, and the customer and value-centric approaches. Moreover, don’t forget to be pragmatic.

Adapt your leadership style considering whether your are managing seniors or juniors. Be aware that you are not the most technical skilled person on the bench. There are architects that are better in their background, while each team member including you complement the team with his own background and skills. This old for many subject matter expects outside of your team.

On top, an architect needs to create collaboration. It’s all a matter of attitude, and your skills to gather experts to share and align on the same vision. Stay close to your values, integrity, honesty, and smile. Be a servant and assertive leader.


Thanks to the EA Service Catalog, you are able to plan your team activities, prioritize, and manage the capacity. You are able to report and anticipate the needs for your team. Defend why and when to hire a new architect.

You are able to report Key Performance Indicators. Is Enterprise Architecture correctly used in the firm ? What to change in order to improve this and maximize its value ?

As part of the skills management, don’t hesitate to develop your team and invest in your team members. Train them as they need, and take the most of them.

Stay aware of latest technology, business and organizational trends, and anticipate for the success of the team’s mission.

Continuously check-in with your team members. Monitor performances. Discuss with them about their career plan. Balance between their aspirations and the enterprise needs. Simply be a good manager.

Manfred Cochefert
PhD Enterprise Architect

« Managing an Architecture Team is not different as managing a team in general. With EA in a Box, you just want to take the most of your team members, or how you can be of help for them to succeed their mission, for the benefits of the whole organization. »

Roles and Profiles

If you rely on standards like TOGAF, you will be able to identify key roles in an Enterprise Architecture capability : Enterprise Architect, and one architect role per architecture layer (e.g. Business Architect, Data Architect, Application Architect, and Technology Architect).

If you look at the market, you will see different people and job offers with the title of Architect : Infrastructure Architect, Security Architect, Network Architect, Software Architect, Solution Architect, and more. Sometimes it might be even more relevant to hire some business analyst, if you are to deliver Process Design services for instance.

Remember that the title is far less important than the ability of your team to deliver the outstanding Architecture Services that your organization is willing and ready to buy, services that are part of your EA Service Catalog. You can anticipate your requirements in means, thanks to a strong capacity management.

Be flexible, be agile, be lean, and be pragmatic. Good architects are expensive, but always worth the price. What you need for your team : persons that have their own expertise, their own experience, that are ready to execute services of your catalog, and can make both your team and the whole organization grow to a next level.

Manfred Cochefert
PhD Enterprise Architect

« You need people in your team with the good attitude, and willing to be empowered in your great journey. Interpersonal skills are very important. Don’t fall in a trap. A good architect have the ability to switch to many roles, the reverse usually doesn’t hold. »

This page closes the first step, EA in a Box, in your journey toward a full and powerful Enterprise Architecture Capability. Be ready for the next chapter of this suite, EA for IT.