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EA Service Catalog

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Defining a Service Catalog is a must have for any modern organization. One can find knowledge about service management in ITIL. For a service provider, services enable value creation and integration in any process, way of working, or team. Combinations are flexible and agile. They guarantee quality independently of the context or solicitation.

Benefits of services are numerous for the business. They are customer and value-centric. They demonstrate an industrialized and agile way of working, reproducible, with standard outputs, and demonstrated outcomes. They help to give visibility over complexity, workload and timeline.

Benefits of services are numerous for a Team Leader. They help to organize and plan the team activities, anticipate the required skills, capacity and means.

Manfred Cochefert
PhD Enterprise Architect

« Based on my experience, I propose example of services that can be part of an EA Service Catalog, to unlock the maximum power of Enterprise Architecture. I have implemented this catalog for hundreds of successful projects and initiatives. It is flexible enough to fit outsourced, centralized or decentralized operating models. »

Strategic Services

Strategy Definition, Strategy Review

Objectives of these services are to develop, share, align, implement, review and follow-up a Business and/or an Information System strategy. There are many ways to implement Strategy Definition and Strategy Review services. Both work in combination to achieve an Enterprise Strategy.

They come with executive boards that report to executive committee. One of them can be named Technology Board, that includes the CIO, and the firm’s technology leaders.

Operational Services

Solution Design, Implementation Follow-up, Deviation Control

These services are day to day Architecture Services to accompany a full project implementation, from the design up to the release phases. When the firm has view on the Project Portfolio, the power of these services can be maximized.

Each service come with standard artifacts, like Architecture First Review, Architecture Definition Document, Architecture Deviation Document, and come with operational boards, like Architecture Review Board, organized and led by the Lead Enterprise Architect, and with attendance of senior architects, CIO, CTO, CSO.

Depending on composition of the Architecture Team, or way of workings of the organization, one can split Solution Design in sub-services.

One can find for instance subsets of services related to market studies, market overviews, benchmarks, product selection. Another subset could be related to any kind of impact analysis, while another subset could be related to architecture layers while in design, Business Capability Design, Data Design, Application Design, Technology Design, if your firm rely too much on TOGAF.

I recommend to keep all these services packaged, to keep the restaurant menu light. Besides, some sub-services are more related on how your own team works, with profiles, skills and methods, rather than related to concrete value delivered to your business. On top, having such specific services in your card doesn’t give you much more flexibility, and makes your card unstable, as ways of working change rapidly, and composition of your team vary in time as well. However, it is of great importance that the Architecture Team can cover the maximum of the sub-services, and prepare standard methodologies and outcomes.

Business Enabler Services

Architecture Journey, Business Case

These services are gifts over Operational Services. Architecture Journey enables qualification, appropriate proposal of approach, and enables proposal of accurate operational services for the business to continue further with his initiative. They are powerful services and a perfect combination over Operational Services.

Transformation Services

Transformation Design, Governance Design, Process Design

These services come with standard frameworks, and can activate sub-services of Architecture. They come with Process Definition Framework, Governance Definition Framework, and standard documents, such as Process Definition Document, and Governance Definition Document.

Cartography Services

Business Capability Map, Data, Application, or Technology Landscape

Output of these services are standards, with specific views. It is important to ensure that activation of these services will enable great purpose. I did this for GDPR alignment, Intellectual Property inventory, and CMDB initial load altogether. The efforts behind these services are huge, and require strong collaboration with many people.

Let us recall that objectives of a cartography is to be used and useful. Success factor is to be maintained with quality over time. This requires strong efforts in change management, and is the responsibility of a whole department or organization, not only of a unique team.

Manfred Cochefert
PhD Enterprise Architect

« In the last page of this series, you will find some hints on how to manage your Architecture Team. »