EA in a Box

EA in a Box

Manfred Cochefert
PhD Enterprise Architect

Welcome to this series of pages. You will find one of my most precious secret. How to implement Enterprise Architecture in the most efficient way. This is based on my own experience. How I successfully deployed this valuable partnership for the business in one of the greatest world-class company.

Be ready

What a great opportunity ! You are so glad that you have been selected as Lead Enterprise Architect for one of the most challenging mission for a young manager : deploying a full Enterprise Architecture capability from scratch within a so great and talented organization.

To fulfill your mission, no need to tell that you must be prepared. No matter if you are already experienced or not, better revise your classics :

  • Understand what Enterprise Architecture is, understand the mission
  • Don’t lie to yourself, the challenge is huge
  • Understand your new company, take information about it wherever you can
  • Be up to date with Enterprise Architecture frameworks, and select one. Here you will find a lot of helpful materials within TOGAF, which is basically the standard to what you are requested to do : building a complete EA capability
  • Understand the challenges, critical success factors, visualize how you will start and execute your mission : be ready !
Manfred Cochefert

« Be prepared as much as you can. Now let’s go through the journey. You can click on cells below to dig deeper main components of the most successful Enterprise Architecture Capability implementation. Remember, you will have to continuously monitor and improve. »

As soon as EA in a Box is implemented, the benefits for an organization are immediate. Let me share with other secrets. To maximize the benefits of EA in Box, an organization should also adopt EA for IT, and EA for Biz. Please follow the links, for a incredible Enterprise Architecture experience.